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The One Called: The Willow...

Only 10 days until the release of Pirates of the Withering Coast II: The Willow's Weep! How exciting! In this post, I will talk a little about myself... It's me, Arjan Amaranthaceous, with Labyrinth serving as my typist, so that my English is clear hehe...

*spoilers beyond this point! read at your own risk!

If you read The Siren's Call, you met me for a very brief moment. If you loved me, thank you and get excited because you'll see more of me from now on


But where did I come from?

Well, Alonna had just moved into a new home and was working on a modernized version of the Pirates of the Withering Coast Saga, as a fun project. Ithica, Mahba was the main villain and there was a need to give the audience a reason to sympathize with her despite the fact that she was basically a kidnapper...

Enter Me, the deceased child of the Greatmother.

Petachuli (Trevor/Labyrinth) finds himself in a dark room where he sees the body of a young male Siren, lying in a glass casket. his skin still fresh and his hair still soft, as if he had only passed an hour ago.

But if you've read the story, you know that I was not really dead (if you haven't read the story... I warned you about the spoiler, but I'm still sorry)

I am not dead and my reasons for faking death will be explained in The Willow's Weep.

I am told I have been a blast to write as well as a challenge. I hope that's a good thing, Alonna says it is... I can only hope that as our saga continues, you can have fun learning more about me and why I am the way I am. I also hope you can forgive me for some things...

Continuing on, What is a Willow? It's a word often used as an insult, meaning: outcast or different in a bad way, but the more I hear the name, the less I hate to be called it. Why? I think you'll understand as you read.

What is a Pure Siren? Well, I don't consider myself Pure, not being so imperfect as I am... but that is what I am called. You see, when my egg was struck by Equarius Solistum's light, it's said that made me Pure, but I ended up very sick when I was five. After being healed by Meribah, the Greatmother of the Melusines, rumors circulated that she did something to make the purity intensify. It's all hard to understand for me, but I get the feeling that as you learn, I will too. we're on this journey together :).

What of the Treachling?

He is something... I cannot say much without giving spoilers for a book that is not yet out and so to sum it up, I will say this: you know that voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you to do what you shouldn't? yeah, that's him.

Well, that is all I have to say for now. I hope I didn't bore you and if I did, The Willow's weep is far more entertaining than me telling you a bit about my life...

May you have peace & Happiness,

Arjan Amaranthaceous

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