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Cover & Blurb Reveal for “Au Contraire”


Today is the day for my cover and blurb reveal for the latest edition to the https// family!

Au Contraire



Old Money- The Kensingtons of Ravenhill, North Indigo are an uptight, affluent family; known for their long historical impact on the country. Mrs. Kensington and her three strapping sons have been keeping the family banking business in order.

After the passing of Mr. Kensington, each son received a portion of their inheritance, which the youngest, Arlo, lost by making bad business decisions; now, his brothers Gladstone and Pritchard have arranged his marriage to young Elonnie Wilhelm.

New Money- The Wilhelms of Therondia, North Indigo have recently entered the wealthy scene after starting an entertainment business 5 years prior. Elonnie is a free-spirited, young ballerina, in love with fairytales and adventure, with a strong belief that all should see things through the eyes of a child. While she doesn’t have marriage at the front of her mind, when she is asked to give herself in marriage to one of the handsome, brooding Kensington brothers she thinks this in itself might be quite the adventure…

Will these two polar opposites make this inconvenient union function? Will Elonnie contain herself to become an uptight Kensington? Or will Arlo learn to loosen up and see life through the eyes of child?

Fans of Jane Austen, Edith Wharton and the Bronte Sisters will enjoy this YA ChickLit novel 💕💕 hop on over to to see more creative content that’s been done with this cover 😁

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