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Blurb Drop for Pirates of the Withering Coast part II: The Willow’s Weep

Below is the Blurb for book 2 in the Pirates of the Withering Coast series! Minor spoilers for book one, The Siren’s Call.

🎼The darkness lurks and smiles, beneath a weeping willow, a heart as pure as gold, can blacken as the night…🎼

Now with stronger allies, Trevor is ready to tackle his biggest challenge yet, coming to terms with his Sirenhood.

While Labyrinth fears being at the forefront due to the constant dangers he faces in Human form, Trevor recognizes his need to understand his Siren side.

Further down the rabbit hole of his mystifying quest, Trevor begins to unravel the perilous truth about his childhood friend and savior, the one called: “the Willow”, who saved him from the jaws of death before he was even born.

Can he really be the paragon of purity? Or could it be that a black heart lingers suppressed under the goodness of the Pure Siren?

Coming Fall 2021

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